Monday, January 16, 2012

Baiju Parthan | Prayas Abhinav | Variable Operatives | January 17 - February 29, 2012

Baiju Parthan | Prayas Abhinav

Preview: Tuesday, January 17, 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm

Video, prints, installations and interactive works on Exhibition until February 29.

There are many ways of deciphering the present experience. And some ways of not having to. Of letting layers of unprocessed information build up and explode into some dimension of lucidity. There are two approaches for dealing with perceptual drift in this exhibition. Questions not easily answered, and questions not asked often enough as they inspire the delirium of division by zero. An impossibility.

The prevailing conditions of art requires the vocalization of intent in a way that demands itself to be treated as a singular reality. Besides being a paradox, this is often a too heavy a burden to carry. To escalate a crescendo and then to climb down... as a part of the same performance, is a balancing act.

Perception is trained by illusions. Agreements, negotiations, deals happen between faculties to establish the most basic ways of looking at the world. When this deal-making is challenged in the most radical ways, we experience things that we cherish. In this game, playing by the rules is not playing at all. Not that there are any rules to speak of, really. Every time the smoke clears and the dust settles there is a re-calibration happening.

We are talking of scales which do not have any markings. Scales which are not imposed but are discovered to be existing. The discovery of each such scale is either becoming a part of a weave we call truth or adding to the violence and disarray of our confusion. That is the pendulum we must swing on.

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