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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Limited Security / Security Ltd.

Amitesh Shrivastava and Bhuvanesh Gowda

Limited Security / Security Ltd.

4 – 25 September, 2009

PREVIEW – Friday, September 4, 6.30 to 8.30 pm

The Guild Art Gallery is pleased to present ‘Limited Security / Security Ltd.’ recent works of Amitesh Shrivastava and Bhuvanesh Gowda at The Guild previewing on September 4, 2009.

“Security has become an obsessive notion to worry about not only for the nations but also for the individuals. The more the world dissolves its borders using technological means, the more the borders are conceptually strengthened by the preoccupation with security issues. While security measures re-draw the map of our social spaces, they facilitate a change in the philosophical and cultural attitudes too. It could go deep into the negotiation of personal fears to the negotiation of socio-cultural mechanisms in the individual lives.

‘Limited Security/Security Ltd.’ looks into the aspects of how the notion of security moves from the socio-political spheres to philosophical and cultural realms... Also it attempts to focus on the notion of ‘insecure viewing’ or to put it in other words, how certain works of art try to push the viewer out of the comfort zones of viewing. The realm of aesthetic enjoyment, which is secured by the physical conditions of a gallery or a museum space, is sometimes threatened when the works of art in question themselves are intended to rupture the secure notions of viewing.” – Johny ML.

Bhuvanesh Gowda obtained his BFA from CAVA, Mysore and MFA from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.. Formally speaking, Bhuvanesh’s works are minimal sculptures. Affected by acrophobia (vertigo), Bhuvanesh makes an attempt to overcome his insecurities with heights by visiting high altitude places in the Himalayas.. His personal experiences transform into minimal sculptures, that he generally uses to destabilize the ‘security of viewing’.

Amitesh Shrivastava obtained his BFA from Khairagarh University and MFA from MSU, Baroda. Amitesh’s works intensely debate the socio-cultural and philosophical notions of security in his painterly works. Qualified as quasi expressionistic works, Amitesh deliberately chooses an action oriented style to develop his pictorial surfaces. An artist who is an avid researcher on social hierarchies, he visualizes a human drama which is related to both the agrarian and technological economy.

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