Saturday, September 17, 2011

T. V. Santhosh at Fourth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art 'Rewriting Worlds'

On September 22, the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art opens its fourth edition. Titled "Rewriting Worlds", it will run until October 30 and features 64 artists and 14 groups of artists from more than 33 countries. The Moscow Biennale is being curated by Peter Weibel, Director of the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The Guild is proud to announce the participation of T. V. Santhosh, in the Fourth Moscow Biennale, who will exhibit 'Houndingdown' sculptural installation in the Biennale. The other Indian artist to be participating in this biennale is Shilpa Gupta.

The work titled, ‘Houndingdown’ is a key installation that broadly reflects Santhosh's conceptual and linguistic concerns of his ongoing engagements. It consists of thirty dogs and LED panels, is a combination of few historical references of ruthless and unforgivable deeds men committed in the past and relentless angst about the thoughts of future. One of the references is a testimony, a text that runs across on three LED panels placed on the floor, of a schoolgirl who witnessed the Hiroshima nuclear explosion. This re-edited first hand description of such a dreadful vision of terror and screams is almost like a hounding dream yet more real than real that sends a chill down through the spine. It is a story of burned and mutilated dead bodies, how a familiar neighborhood suddenly turns in to a ruined war zone and how the radiation turns a young girl into looking like old aged. The redness of the LED text plays the role of the image by reflecting it on to the images of dogs thus playing a crucial role in building up the totality of the installation.

If you are at the Biennale, we look forward to meeting you for the opening.

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