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Writers / Artists Residency at The Guild

Writers / Artists Residency at The Guild

The Residency is another step taken by The Guild Art Gallery in nurturing young talent. The Residency aims to have an open structure, where writers and artists working across disciplines will work and interact with each other. Such an assemblage of artists and writers will call for a greater exchange of ideas.

It will be an in-house working residency in two batches – the first batch will be from the 17th of June to 23rd of June 09 and second batch from the 25th June to the 1st of July 09. During these days, the participating artists would be getting slides for internal presentation, in which they would be speaking about their art and also about various influences that have made a considerable impact on them. The participating writers would be conducting workshops within the residency; further they would be choosing a few artists to speak about in depth, fostering a greater understanding about the works of the chosen artist.

Apart from the interaction among the artists and writers within the residency, there will be interactive programmes with visiting artists and experts from other disciplines on formal and informal basis. These talks will focus on various issues pertaining to contemporary art. One of which is – Introduction of Market Studies in Academics. For the same there would be a panel of artists presenting their views on these issues and would be discussing it with the participating artists and the audience. Not restricting to the field of fine arts there shall be a poetry reading session by eminent poets, and screening of films too. In these sessions artists / writers could share their own works or those works which have etched in their mind. These sessions would be open for public).
The participating artists and writers are – K.P.Reji, Sandeep Pisalkar, Sathyanand Mohan Lokesh Khodke, Bhuvanesh Gowda, Shrikant Puranik, Amitesh Srivastava, Ashutosh Bhardwaj, Suvitha K.V. & Parvez Kabir
Dates and other details:

The Residency will be held in two batches.

2nd batch from the 25th of June to the 1st of July 2009 (both days inclusive)

Second Batch Schedule:

25th June – 1st July 09

Location: The Guild (New Space), 02/32, Kamal Mansion, 2nd Floor, Arthur Bunder Road, Colaba, Mumbai 400005

Timings: Evening 6.00 p.m onwards. Except on 27th June, Saturday, Film Session at 6.30 p.m
Open to all.



26 June
Writers Workshop

Parvez Kabir

Film Session (6.30 pm)


a) Works from the series of ART 21, on Cai Gua-Qiang and Krzysztof Wodiczko.
Duration: 20 mins.

b) Harold Pinter’s Nobel Lecture:
Art, Truth & Politics, 2005
Duration: 40 mins.

- With Riyas Komu

Informal Talk

Zasha Colah

Market Studies and Academics

Bose Krishnamachari, Chintan Upadhyay and Sanjeev Khandekar

Poetry Session

Bina Sarkar Ellias

Informal Talk

Brief presentations of works and an informal talk with the artists and writers

Parvez Kabir is an art critic and historian. He is a faculty member at Santiniketan; and a participant at the Guild Residency Programme too.

Riyas Komu is a Mumbai based artist whose works span different media. Apart from this, Komu has a special interest in films.

Zasha Colah, is a Mumbai based art historian. Currently Colah is working as a curator with the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Mumbai.

Bose Krishnamachari, is a Mumbai based, multi-disciplinary artist who has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows and curated exhibitions internationally.

Chintan Upadhyay is a Mumbai based artist. Upadhyay’s works address the notion of the ‘designed’, with respect to contemporary technologies of replication.

Sanjeev Khandekar is a poet, writer and visual artist. The artist lives and works in Mumbai.
Bina Sarkar Ellias is the editor, designer and publisher of Gallerie magazine. She is also a poet & freelance writer, having written for national newspapers.

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